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Career Coaching

Sometimes we need help to understand what it is we want from our working lives and how to achieve it.

In life, we often 'fall' into a job or career without planning it. Occasionally, we wake up and think - how did I get here, is it still where I want to be and does it reflect my life now? Career coaching can assist clients to investigate alternative careers or develop their current career path into one more suited to new ambitions.

Career coaching can help you think through whether there are changes you wish to make to your current working life or whether you would like to make a change in your career.

Professional career coaching will focus on your skills, talents and interests and will provide a safe and structured environment to explore potential changes.

The coaching sessions will be very focussed on:

  • Clarity of direction
  • Work life balance
  • Understanding of skill, talents and interests
  • Realistic action planning
  • Interview Planning and Techniques

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) can also be used to support career change and consider areas of development.

See also Executive Coaching and Life Coaching.

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