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What My Clients Say

"Anne helped me get the dream job that I always wanted. All I needed was someone to take the time to ask me the questions that I didn't or wouldn't ask myself" Fiona

"With Anne's help I really turned my life around. Life coaching helped me focus on the things that were important to me in life and prioritise my time more effectively" Eileen

"Coaching for life and Anne came at a point when I needed to make some decisions; I needed to grab hold of my life and take control. I was asked questions and, in turn asked more of myself: they were relatively simple, open-ended questions and yet I was amazed by the answers. I was guided and felt as if I was given the independence to find out exactly what I wanted from life. I was supported and encouraged to make changes - small, minor changes which had knock on effects. I can't thank Anne enough for guiding me and listening. For encouraging this independence in me. For standing on the wings and seeing the real me. Me: the person who, for the first time in a while, I listened to and trusted and cared." Shona

"This really works! I would not have believed I could bring about such changes in my life. Anne has the most amazing ability to guide one towards one's goals." Freda

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