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Executive Coaching

Busy people are very often ideas rich but time poor.

Coaching was once viewed by many as a tool to help correct underperformance but today it is becoming much more widely used in supporting top performers and executives. Executive coaching helps deliver results for the individual and the business. My executive coaching clients include Chief Executives, senior managers, business owners or people living in the public eye.

The Coaching for Life Process

Using the GROW model and NLP, the coaching process is structured around face to face meetings with e-mail or telephone contact as required. The sessions will set out the boundaries of the coaching relationship, explore objectives, look at goals, and measure success, provide time to fully analyse the situation, stimulate a range of options, help examine new ways forward and agree practical steps to take.

"If you want to tip the scale towards excellence and away from mere competence don't rely on imitating other leaders or poring over leadership manuals. Instead, focus on what you know you are already good at and tap into your deepest values"

Executive coaching can also address:

  • Moving from employment to self-employment
  • Career goals and career planning
  • Business goals v personal goals
  • Career transition issues e.g. redundancy, relocation
  • Personal development needs

Executive coaching:

  • Gives a confidential sounding board
  • Offers a non-judgemental perspective
  • Clears brain overload - gives head space
  • Helps you make decisions and take action
  • Helps identify new opportunities
  • Reduces unhealthy stress and pressures

See also Career Coaching and Life Coaching.

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